Financial Solutions To Move You Forward

B^2 Analytics was formed in 2009 to address the needs of small, independent companies that may not have the benefit of in-house financial management or access to financial management resources. Many times smaller companies must focus on their day-to-day operations at the detriment of implementing their long-term strategic plans.  

Other smaller to mid-size companies may have a financial team in place or access to one, but could benefit from a pair of eyes that are not so closely involved in the day-to-day business activities, thereby taking a fresh, non-biased look at the company. B^2 Analytics is the company to do that. As an independent company, we look at your organization from a broader perspective.

The mission of B^2 Analytics, LLC is to affect holistic financial solutions for small, independent companies that want to implement financial and operational changes in a timely, flexible, and achievable manner. Our Business Analytical Scorecard and financial consulting services are centered around business intelligence solutions for QuickBooksTM users.

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