Business Analytical Scorecard
For companies looking to increase their competitive effectiveness, B^2 Analytics' proprietary Business Analytical Scorecard (BAS) is a spreadsheet-based financial analysis tool that seamlessly analyzes your company’s financial data, harvests valuable, understandable information and creates implementable strategies aimed at cost reduction, revenue growth, operational efficiencies, and differentiating indicators specific to your company. BAS is a dynamic tool, designed to integrate with QuickBooksTM, that goes beyond simply looking at traditional financial measures which tend to be backward looking. BAS is a forward looking, holistic tool to aid your company in further gaining its competitive advantage.

Business Financial Consulting
For companies in need of creating a sound financial baseline, so you can then initiate valuable financial analysis, B^2 Analytics will review your current operations, prepare a risk assessment, and a proposal of recommendations of indicators with which you can use to monitor and manage your financial position.

In addition to creating a financial baseline for your company, we can develop plans to streamline and improve the following areas of your business:

  • Product Integration
  • Departmental Reengineering
  • Econometrics - Statistical Modeling
  • Systems Design
  • Executive Financial Organizational Management

Use our products and services separately or for a more comprehensive approach use them in tandem to generate valuable information and action plans that address your company as a whole and move it forward to meet its goals.

To discuss these products and services in more detail and to arrange a no-obligation and confidential consultation call us at 303.547.2546 or email